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Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel is located on Jianye Road, Hubin North, near the city government. The surrounding dining and entertainment facilities are complete.

The hotel rooms are elegant in style and have beautiful lake or city views; all rooms are equipped with wired broadband and wireless networks. The comprehensively upgraded wireless network system in 2016 achieved wireless Internet speeds of more than 15 trillion per second.

The hotel has a variety of restaurants including cafes, Chinese restaurants and Japanese restaurants
The hotel's first-floor, 25-meter-high lobby bar on the first floor of the hotel has full wireless broadband coverage. Entertainment facilities include outdoor swimming pools, gyms, saunas, billiards, and many other internationally renowned brands, including Louis Vuitton.

In addition, the hotel has a 52-square-meter children's club with a range of children's facilities; it also has exclusive parent-child room packages, which are equipped with intimate and exclusive children's bathrobes, slippers, good night gifts, and more. And other baby supplies.